High-quality Pet Grooming Services by Skilled Professionals


Welcome to the "House" of Bow Wow!

We call it a "House" because Bow Wow Beautiful is committed to providing an experience that makes both you and your pet a part of our family! Our groomers are veterinarian recommended and have over 19 years of experience, award-winning excellence, and skill.

We have designed our house to cater to all of your pet's needs and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of comfort and safety features to make your pet's stay and spa experience enjoyable and stress-free.

We can easily accommodate any size or breed of dog. Big or small, we will love and beautify them all!



Bow Wow Beautiful is completely air-conditioned, and all dogs are kept safely in kennels in an open area with the groomers. Your little pooch will never feel lost or abandoned in an unsupervised back room. Dogs are provided with water at the owner's request.



Welcome to the cat's meow of all grooming shops. We are the only known shop in the South Orange County area where kitties enjoy their very own spa suite. This separate area, but still within supervised view of our staff, is away from the enthusiasm of our joyful canine friends. Kitties are provided with a fresh towel and their very own sanitized comfy kennel. Kitties will be provided water upon request. 


Small Animals

We offer by appointment: small animal nail clipping, brush outs and/or de-matting while the owner waits.

The owner may be required to hold their own pet.

Award Winning Skill & Talent

Owner Heidi Cooper has been professionally grooming in the South Orange County area for over 28 years, receiving various awards during her employment, including personally, first place in a Eukanuba grooming contest sponsored through Petsmart corporation. She also was the original grooming instructor for the owners of four local shops located in Dana Point, San Clemente, and Ladera Ranch.


Passionate Employees

"Our employees are carefully screened and chosen among the best and most experienced in our local industry. Our values of providing humane, loving care and precision styling methods are the moral requirement and foundation of our talented team of artists."

Bow Wow Beautiful Pet Spa

Heidi Cooper, Owner & Lead Groomer

Heidi acquired her love for working with animals at a young age while working as a volunteer for a local wildlife rehabilitation center where she was raised in a raised in a rural mountain town in Sierra County, California, Heidi acquired her love for working with animals at a young age while working as a volunteer for a local wildlife rehabilitator.. Heidi was responsible for bottle-feeding orphaned fawns and nursing injured birds of prey, ultimately creating the foundation for a thriving passion for the care of various types of animals.

Heidi has also been a foster parent for more than 11 dogs through the Animal Rescue Foundation and regularly donates her grooming services to local animal welfare charities.

Heidi Cooper:

"I had an extraordinary and unique upbringing which has definitely attributed to my success in the pet grooming industry. Having hands-on experience with wild animals gives you such a deep respect and personal intuition of how sensitive animals are and how important it is to meet their emotional and physical needs in a positive and loving way."

Heidi resides in San Clemente with her rescued American Staffordshire Terrier "Sid," Hairless Chinese Crested "Stella," Boxer "Mr. Magoo," and well-trained fiancé Rob.

"In a perfect world, every house would have a dog, and every dog would have a home."



Pet Stylist / Manager

"Growing up in Capistrano Beach, I have always been surrounded by animals. My sisters and I were raised with a variety of animal friends, which included a cat, 2 dogs, iguanas, lizards, turtles, frogs, a plethora of fish, parakeets, and chickens! The family farm was also my sanctuary, which fueled my love and curiosity for animals further. I loved helping my grandparents care for and nurture them. I am overjoyed that after my upbringing with animals, I get to work with them now! I find working with pets both challenging and rewarding, and there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing!"

Heidi Cooper

"Dealing directly with the animal adoption organizations really opened my eyes to the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community as a supportive voice for the welfare of animals. I love attending the annual Dana Point Wagathon, not as a business promoter, but for the sole purpose of animal advocacy and the fun of interacting with the people and their pets on a personal level." 

-Heidi Cooper


We look forward to meeting with you and your pet. Please let us know if we can help accommodate you in any way!